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Iron Trucks 5.0 silver

Iron Trucks 5.0 silver
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Airhole, Shark
Airhole, Shark
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Finger Kevin - 7,5

Finger Kevin - 7,5"
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Kristina, olive
Kristina, olive
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Dyet, slime
Dyet, slime
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King Foam

King Foam

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Shipping within 24 hours

Shipping within 24 hours

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King Foam Logo - 5mm

Insole produziert seit Jahren Dämpfende Sohlen für´s skaten.
Diese Saison ist eine ganze Linie für Eure Snowboardschuhe erhältlich.

KingFoam Insoles absorb up to 90% of Impact Energy!

Its the best impact absorbing Insole out there.
It fits in any slim shoes and is giving you the best possible performance.