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Iron Trucks 5.0 silver

Iron Trucks 5.0 silver
EUR 20,00

The Basic, green
The Basic, green
Statt EUR 22,00
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The Moxie

The Moxie
Statt EUR 59,00
Nur EUR 29,00
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The Yorke, red
The Yorke, red
Statt EUR 75,00
Nur EUR 39,00
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The Frena, watermelon
The Frena, watermelon
Statt EUR 19,00
Nur EUR 15,00
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Selekta 150cm - 14/15

Selekta 150cm - 14/15

Statt EUR 379,00
Nur EUR 289,00
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Versandfertig in 24 Stunden

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Art.Nr.: 594-150



Life is more fun with the Selekta.
It opens up endless possibilities for hitting rails thanks to its rocker and playful flex.
Pure twin-tip, this board has a powerful PH Bounce Core providing a pop worthy of a trampoline.
No other board will allow you to play around as much on the slopes, jibbing everything at sight.
Thanks to the Fusion Laminates technology expect the infinite pleasure of doing butters, presses and other flatl and tricks.

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Board Features:

size: 150cm
shape: true twin
special: rocker
terrain: park/freestyle
rider level: beginner/advanced
flex: (1=soft/10=hard) n.a.
effective edge: 109cm
nose width: 29,3cm
tail width: 29,3cm
waist: 24,8cm
setback: 0cm
sidecut: 6,7m