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Iron Trucks 5.0 silver

Iron Trucks 5.0 silver
EUR 20,00

Daily, sparkle black
Daily, sparkle black
Statt EUR 24,00
Nur EUR 19,00
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Smile Beanie turqoise
Smile Beanie turqoise
Statt EUR 34,00
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Airgoggle, hot coral

Airgoggle, hot coral
Statt EUR 109,00
Nur EUR 89,00
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The Norah black
The Norah black
Statt EUR 26,00
Nur EUR 9,00
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Core complite 7'0
Core complite 7'0"
Statt EUR 27,00
Nur EUR 19,00
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5`2 151cm- 14/15

5`2 151cm- 14/15

Statt EUR 499,00
Nur EUR 379,00
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Versandfertig in 24 Stunden

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Art.Nr.: 606-151



The 5’2” crew is Mitch Richmond, Jaeger Bailey and Kyle Lopicollo.
These boys shred together on the regular and have been know to enjoy some après activities involving RAW papers.
Because all three ride the DISASTER and they aren’t the tallest guys in the world,
we decided to give them a signature 5’2” crew DISASTER in the three shortest lengths (145, 148 and 151) This is the same awesome board with a new graphic.
The Disaster 5’2” crew Edition comes as a combo pack.
The signature 5’2” crew DISASTER board is sold together with the 5’2” edition Switchback Bindings in matching colors. Yes!

Board features:

size: 151cm
shape: true twin
special: TBT, + binding included
terrain: street/park/freestyle
rider level: beginner/advanced/expert
flex: (1=soft/10=hard) 2
effective edge: 117cm
nose width: 29,1cm
tail width: 29,1cm
waist: 25cm
setback: 0cm
sidecut: 7,45m